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At Rightdose we supply mother and baby care supplies to help with common issues during pregnancy and the early years of your baby. From pregnancy through to breast and bottle feeding, we aim to support the health of the whole family.

We supply a range of pre- and post-natal vitamins to help keep mum in the best of health as well as his & hers conception vitamins for couples who are trying.

We also stock creams, oils, and bath additives to soothe your baby's skin and prevent common issues such as nappy rash, as well as gentle baby wash suitable for baby’s first bath time.

If you and your health visitor think your baby has colic - a temporary lactase deficiency where the baby struggles to fully break down the sugars in milk - then we supply additives designed to help your little one digest both breast milk and formula.

We also stock glycerin suppositories suitable for infants in our range to treat constipation in young children. While only meant for occasional use these can be very effective in helping relieve your child.

Remember to discuss all your baby’s health conditions and problems with your healthcare advisor before seeking treatment options.

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