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Colic management

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Colic can be a difficult condition to live with. After all, as a new parent you’re likely to already be lacking sleep, and you’ll want to ensure your baby is comfortable. If they’re crying for no obvious reason, despite being dry, comfortable and fed, you may blame yourself for their discomfort.

Unfortunately, colic doesn’t have a recognised cause. Indeed, it is defined as your baby crying for more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks - despite being healthy, fed and comfortable.

The lack of a recognised cause for the crying is what makes it colic. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about colic. There are several colic remedies that can help soothe your baby.

What causes colic?

There are several theories about the cause of colic. These include:

  • The digestive system growing, and spasming as it develops
  • Hormones that cause stomach pains
  • The developing nervous system
  • A sensitivity to light
  • Frustration or excitement

What is known, is that colic generally begins around two weeks of age in full-term babies and slightly later in premature babies, your baby may experience colic at around the same time of day, it can happen regardless of the baby’s gender and how they are fed.

Fortunately, it tends to go away by the time your baby is about four months, and it doesn’t have any long term effects. There are also remedies available to treat colic and help you and your baby get some much needed rest.

Colic remedies from Rightdose

At Rightdose, we want to do what we can to ensure you enjoy your time with your baby, which can be difficult if they have colic. That is why we supply a range of colic remedies, which can help to comfort your baby.

Gripe water helps to break down air bubbles in the stomach and reduce spasms in the digestive system. Infacol also helps to reduce trapped wind by bringing small gas bubbles together. Larger bubbles can be brought up more easily. Colief makes it easier for babies to digest lactose, reducing the work the digestive system needs to do.

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