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Pain relief

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Everyone will need pain relief at some point, whether this is to simply combat a headache or to help recovery from surgery. There are many types of painkillers available, as these can be used for many different kinds of pain.

If you have a muscle strain, headache or even a fever, pain relief can be a fast and effective treatment to help lessen your symptoms. This means you can get on with your day.

Types of pain relief

There are many different types of pain, so there are many different types of painkillers. If pain is caused by inflammation, anti-inflammatory painkillers are most effective. Ibuprofen is probably the best known anti-inflammatory painkiller. These are often combined with paracetamol.

For muscle pain, a heat patch can help soothe pain. Cold patches actually penetrate the muscle more effectively than heat, so a combination of both can be used. Muscle rubs and gels can also be an effective way to treat muscle pain.

Effervescent pain relief can be an option if you have issues swallowing tablets. Children’s pain relief is also available. This tends to be a sweet flavoured liquid, as children are less able to tolerate the flavour of some medicines.

Pain relief products

It makes sense to keep a stock of pain relief in your medicine cabinet or first aid box. After all, if you are going through a migraine, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself to the chemist to get painkillers.

This would cause unnecessary stress. And stress can actually increase your sensitivity to pain. Rightdose - your personalised pharmacy, delivered.

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