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If you have naturally dry hair, or if it has been damaged by regular blow drying or colouring, using the right conditioner can help to restore the ideal moisture balance.

Conditioner also helps if your hair is liable to tangling, making it easier to comb and style. This can reduce the pain of combing out tangles, as well as the risk of pulling hair out when you comb.

There are many causes of dry hair. THe most common are:

  • Lack of nutrients
  • Sun exposure
  • Regular swimming in chlorinated water
  • Excessive hair washing
  • Regular blow drying

If you have very long hair, you may notice the ends become dry and brittle.In this case, a quick trim can help.

Using conditioner

Even if you don’t wash your hair with shampoo every day - and if you have dry hair you shouldn’t - you can still use conditioner. To condition your hair effectively:

  • Wet your hair in the shower
  • If using shampoo, apply and rinse
  • Spread the conditioner on the ends of you hair
  • Work it in with your fingers or a comb
  • Leave the conditioner in for a couple of minutes
  • Rinse

As conditioner can help restore the moisture lost through excessive blow drying, you shouldn’t use a hairdryer after using conditioner. Instead, towel dry your hair, or leave it to dry naturally.

Conditioners from Rightdose

At Rightdose we supply a range of conditioners designed to restore the moisture to your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. These can be delivered direct to your door.

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