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It can be understandably distressing when your baby or child is sick. You may feel guilty, like you have failed to keep them safe. The lack of sleep that comes with a sick baby may make you feel frazzled and irritable. If your child doesn’t want to eat while they are ill, this may make you even more worried.

However, illness is a normal part of your child’s development. They have an immature immune system, and are coming into contact with viruses and bacteria for the first time. It’s pretty much inevitable that your child will catch a few colds, ear infections and tummy bugs in a year.

As their immune system develops, the amount of illnesses will lessen. So you may feel you’re at fault if your child seems to be regularly ill, but this generally isn’t a reason to worry - it’s a normal part of growing up. And there’s a lot you can do to soothe your sick child.

Baby and child health - what’s normal and what isn’t

There are around 100 viruses that cause the common cold, so a few colds are inevitable. If your child attends nursery or pre-school, they’ll be exposed to more of these viruses, and get more colds.

Around five to 10 colds in a year is considered normal. You should look out for a fever that lasts more than five days, a single cold that lasts more than 10 days or difficulty breathing beyond a stuffy nose.

It is also normal for children to get a couple of ear infections a year. Continual infections or ones that don’t respond to antibiotics will need to be investigated further.

Occasional bouts of diarrhoea are also normal, especially when babies are weaning. If diarrhoea lasts more than five days, has blood in it or if your child seems to be losing weight, this can be cause for concern.

Assuming your child’s experiencing the normal childhood illnesses, there is a lot you can do to make your child feel better.

Helping your poorly child

The fever and general aches and pains associated with a cold can be soothed using child paracetamol. This is generally a ready made liquid or sachet.

If your child has diarrhoea, try to ensure that they take in plenty of fluids. Keeping hydrated will help things get back to normal.

Ear infections can be treated with antibiotics.

Your child will also need plenty of rest, and comforting cuddles. While we can’t supply the cuddles, we can supply medicine - direct to your door.

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