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Head lice and scabies are both types of small creatures that can live on humans causing itching and significant discomfort. There is unfortunately no way to prevent catching either, however they are not usually serious and can be treated quickly.

To prevent the spread of these tiny pests you should use a treatment as soon as possible and avoid close contact with those not also infected. There are three main types of mites to be aware of:

  • Head lice - common in children but can easily be caught be adults as well
  • Pubic lice - often called crabs and also found in underarms, facial hair, and leg hair
  • Scabies - smaller mites that burrow into the skin all over the body


Scabies are more serious, so everyone in your household should be treated at the same time whether they show symptoms or not. To make sure that you don’t risk re-infection it is recommended that you wash all sheets and clothing at 50C or higher and seal any clothing that can’t be washed in a sealed bag for 3 days.

Head and pubic lice are normally fairly harmless and can easily be seen with the human eye so you will only need to treat those who are affected. While washing used linens and worn clothing can be helpful; hot washing is not necessary as it is with scabies.

At Rightdose we supply shampoos, lotions, combs, gels, creams, and sprays for a range of effective options including ones that don’t contain any traditional pesticides or harsh odours. Whether you are suffering from head lice, crabs, or scabies, you can find effective options in our range online.

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