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Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection? Otherwise known as impotence, erectile dysfunction    (commonly known as ED) is estimated to affect up to one in five men across the UK. It becomes more common in men aged over 40, but it can impact younger men too. Understandably, those who experience it are eager to know whether there's a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction so that it doesn't hinder their sex lives going forward. 

We'll explain what erectile dysfunction is, how it's caused, and how it can be cured or treated - both naturally and medically.


What is erectile dysfunction?

Many men find themselves searching for a cure for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, a separate issue entirely, to improve their sex lives.

People suffer from erectile dysfunction if they're unable to get an erection. This can extend to being unable to stay erect long enough to have sex, which can take its toll on your sex life. 

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction? 

Signs that you could be suffering with erectile dysfunction include the inability to get an erection or the struggle to maintain an erection. Patterns of erectile dysfunction can look different for different people, with some still experiencing erections at different times in the day.

Sometimes, these symptoms can also point to a loss of libido, otherwise known as low sex drive. If your symptoms continue to persist, speak with your GP or nearest sexual health clinic in case it's linked to an underlying health condition.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? 

Erectile Dysfunction isn't always long-lasting. Sometimes it can be a temporary consequence of being stressed or tired, so looking for an erectile dysfunction cure isn't always necessary. 

Mental Health can play a surprisingly large role in erectile dysfunction. In some cases, a person's confidence can affect whether they can have an erection. It can also stem from environmental factors - it can happen when you have too much alcohol in your system, for example. 

Common physical causes of erectile dysfunction include reduced blood flow to the penis. As men age, the arteries that carry blood to the penis can become narrower over time. This can be exacerbated by lifestyle factors like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Even smoking can play a role. There tends to be a link with old age, with around 7 in 10 men aged 70 or older experiencing erectile dysfunction due to some of these factors. 

In some cases, damage to the nerves in and around the penis due to injury can cause erectile dysfunction. Other lifestyle factors like frequent cycling can play a role in this as well, due to the pressure placed on the area of the body.

If you find yourself regularly experiencing it, prompting you to search for an erectile dysfunction cure, don't panic. 

Is there a cure for erectile dysfunction? 

If you are seeking a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, look at lifestyle factors that you can manage over time. There are also medical treatments you can turn to, as well as the more natural changes you can implement. 

Are there natural cures for erectile dysfunction? 

If you want to try and cure erectile dysfunction naturally, there are several things you can try.

You can help your erectile dysfunction to cure naturally by making lifestyle changes. This is often done to try and target a potential cause. Your GP can help you identify potential causes, allowing you to naturally cure your erectile dysfunction.

Reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, along with addressing any hormone problems, could be part of this solution. This might include eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet while getting plenty of exercise. Simultaneously, reducing the amount of alcohol you consume can be beneficial.

If you are a smoker, it's recommended that you quit. On top of this, if you're currently overweight, professionals advise that you lose weight by adopting a healthier lifestyle. According to studies by King's College London, erectile dysfunction is linked with increased risks of cardiovascular disease, so keeping on top of lifestyle factors that are proven to help reduce the risk, such as a good diet with regular exercise, is a good idea.

Your GP might discover that another type of medication you're taking could be causing erectile dysfunction side effects, in which case, finding an alternative could help your symptoms.

If your GP believes it could be caused by stress or mental health struggles, they may suggest counselling or therapy. Other healthy lifestyle changes you can make include the reduction of stress, perhaps by practicing activities designed to reduce stress. Try meditation or remove yourself from stressful settings when possible. This might include switching jobs.

Are there medical cures for erectile dysfunction? 

Fortunately, while erectile dysfunction may be tricky to talk about, it's possible to find a short-term cure with the right medicine. You might be able to get prescriptive treatment to help cure erectile dysfunction and make a real difference. Doctors tend to prescribe medicines that increase the blood flow to your penis. These are called PDE-5 inhibitors. Examples of these medicines include: 

After taking the prescribed dose before having sex, the pills are designed to be fast-acting, working within 15 minutes to one hour in most cases, and for up to six hours after. 

Speaking with your doctor should be your priority. However, if you already have the correct medical advise, you can start your order online with a short consultation and have prescriptions delivered straight to your door. Always make sure you read the side effects of any medicine you take. Be wary of fake medicines promising to be a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction. 

Other medical treatments you could consider include vacuum pumps that are used to promote blood flow to the penis. You can speak with your doctor about getting one of these. 

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FAQ'S about erectile dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction can you still get hard?

In the early stages of erectile dysfunction, it can be possible to still get hard enough for sex. However, if your erection doesn't feel like it usually does when you do get hard or it doesn't stay hard, it could be a warning signal that things aren't quite right. In this case, you can try to get to the bottom of what could be causing this change before it becomes a bigger issue.

Are there any erectile dysfunction exercises that I could try?

Exercises that can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles can help those with the erectile dysfunction. These muscles are crucial for maintaining blood flow in the penis and erections.

To do these exercises correctly, locate muscles on which you'll be working. One way to do this is by tightening the same muscles that you use while trying not to break wind. Alternatively, try to stop or slow the flow while urinating. The muscles used in both cases are your pelvic floor muscles. Don't stop or slow the flow of urine regularly, however, as this can damage the bladder.

Once you have located the correct muscles, try this simple exercise three times a day:

  • Release for another count of four
  • Contact these muscles for a count of four
  • Repeat 10 times, building up to 15 times

Are there any foods that kill erectile dysfunction?

There are certain foods that are thought of as the best for preventing or treating erectile dysfunction, such as berries, salmon and olive oil. However, a healthy, balanced diet is always recommended, whatever health condition you have.

My partner has erectile dysfunction. What should I do?

If your partner is experiencing difficulties with getting and maintaining an erection, encourage them to be open and honest about how it's affecting you both in your relationship. You can do this by starting a conversation with them and offering opportunities to talk about their feelings. You could also take some time to explore alternatives to penetrative sex and potentially look into couples' therapy.

Also, if it's something that's happening a lot, we recommend that you suggest that they see their GP.