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You should expect your child to get around eight to ten colds a year. That’s because there are hundreds of different viruses that cause the common cold and children don’t have natural immunity to them.

As their immune system develops, your children will suffer from fewer colds each year. When your child starts preschool or nursery, you may notice they get more colds, as they are exposed to more viruses.

Your child should get better in about five days, although colds can last up to two weeks in smaller children. Also, there is a lot you can do to make your child feel better when they have a cough or cold.

When your child has a cold

When your baby or child has a cough or cold, you will naturally want to make them feel better. And there are several step you should take:

  • Allow your child to rest.
  • Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids.
  • Give children’s paracetamol to reduce fever.
  • Give nose drops to reduce congestion.

At Rightdose, we supply a wide range of remedies for coughs and colds, to help your child get back to normal.

Cold remedies from Rightdose

Children’s paracetamol from Rightdose is available from around three months old up to 16 years old. As well as reducing fever, paracetamol can also help to soothe the muscle aches that come with a cold.

At Rightdose, we aim to help soothe your child when they are ill. We are an online registered UK pharmacy. Our vision is to ensure you experience less stress when it comes to your health and enjoy more in life. Your personalised pharmacy, delivered.

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