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Asthma Guide

What is asthma?

Asthma is a fairly common condition, which can cause occasional breathing difficulties.

It most commonly develops during childhood. However adults can also develop asthma for the first time.

There is no cure for asthma, but there are some treatments that can help treat symptoms and ensure that asthma doesn’t have an adverse affect on your life.

Asthma is caused by swelling of the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. This can make the lungs very sensitive, so the airways narrow.

The most common causes are:

  • Allergies
  • Pollution
  • Smoking
  • Infections

However, in many cases there is no identifiable cause.

Symptoms of asthma

If they are managed correctly, asthma should not stop you from doing the things you enjoy. However, it is important to keep an eye on symptoms.

The most common asthma symptoms include:

  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness
  • Cough
  • Tightness in chest

An asthma attack occurs when symptoms get temporarily and suddenly worse. This can be very distressing and is potentially fatal. In fact, three people die in the UK each day because of an asthma attack.

How to cope during an asthma attack

An asthma attack can be very frightening, but it is important that you stay as calm as possible during it. This will help to bring your breathing under control and ease your symptoms.

You should also:

  • Sit upright
  • Take slow, steady breaths
  • Take one puff from your reliever inhaler every 30 to second seconds
  • If you don’t have your inhaler, or don’t feel better after 10 puffs, call 999

If you have to go to hospital because of an asthma attack, you should discuss how to avoid further attacks with your doctor. They may be able to identify triggers which brought on the attack.

Asthma help from Rightdose

Generally, asthma is treated through the use of an inhaler. Reliever inhalers help soothe asthma symptoms when they occur. Preventer inhalers help to stop symptoms developing. Combination inhalers do both.

At Rightdose, we can ensure your prescription inhaler is delivered directly to your door, so you don’t need to worry that you will be without an inhaler should an attack happen.

We are here to ensure that asthma does not affect your life.

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