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Busting erectile dysfunction myths

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If you're struggling with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), don't worry, you're not alone. Up to half of all men under 50 years old suffer from erection issues, you don't have to go through this in silence. We’re here to reassure you that these issues can be resolved. 

The internet can be a crazy place at times, especially when googling health issues. When men suffer sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, it can be difficult to find the truth behind some of the claims that you can find online. ED is not something we talk about much, but it’s common and affects lots of men. Men of all ages and situations experience it and it's time to start busting some of those myths with the help of our friendly pharmacy team.


Erectile dysfunction is only an issue for older men

It is true that ED does become more common for men over the age of 40, but it can still occur in younger men. Erection issues can be caused by underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, conditions more commonly suffered by older men. However, the younger guys who are living a fast-paced modern life should be extra careful, lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, stress and eating too much junk food can lead to ED, regardless of age. A healthy lifestyle including plenty of exercise and a balanced diet can really help to reduce the chances of getting any erection issues in the future.  

Erectile dysfunction is all in your head

Your lifestyle choices and physical condition are usually the reasons behind ED, however, there are some psychological reasons that might explain why you are struggling to get an erection. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or you’re going through a really stressful time, these conditions can eventually lead to ED. These mental health conditions can lead to a lower sex drive, making it increasingly difficult to get aroused.

If you’re feeling stressed, we’ve put together our top stress-busting tips to help you to manage your stress levels. 

Erectile dysfunction is a permanent issue

Treating ED begins with getting to the bottom of the health issues that may be causing erection problems like an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and drinking too much. Getting on top of your overall health can help to improve the symptoms caused by ED. In cases where lifestyle changes still dont successfully treat ED, the good news is that at Rightdose, we have a range of treatments that can help you return to enjoying a normal, healthy sex life. Our pharmacists are here to help you find the right ED solution for you online without a trip to the GP. If erection problems do keep happening, you should contact your GP as it could be an indication of an underlying health problem.

If treatments don’t work at first, they won’t work at all

Medication such as Viagra Connect can be a reliable treatment for ED, helping you to continue enjoying a healthy sex life without the stress of erection problems. When taking ED medication for the first time, it's really important to minimise any outside factors that may hinder its effectiveness.

Make sure you avoid drinking too much booze when using ED treatments, the depressant attributes of alcohol can influence your ability to get an erection as it reduces the level of stimulation you feel when having sex.

When using an ED treatment for the first time, it's really important that you do your homework and learn the recommended amount of time your ED treatment takes to work, taking the medication in plenty of time before you start to get busy between the sheets!

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