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 The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes
  •  The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes
  •  The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes
  •  The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes
  •  The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes

The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes

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Product features

  • Microwavable eye compress for the treatment of Styes
  • Gently heats eyelids externally
  • Relieves the symptoms of swelling/redness, irritation, stinging and burning
  • Suitable for either eye with symptoms of Chalazions & Cysts & Blepharitis
  • Antibacterial protection reduces build-up bacteria by 99,9%
  • Includes Eyelid Wipes to clean safely eyelashes from oil from the gland
  • Each pack contains Storage bag & detailed Eyelid Massage Procedure


The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief - Single Eye Compress + 2x Eyelid Wipes

The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress is a microwavable eye patch for the treatment of Styes, Chalazions & Cysts and Blepharitis. 

Eye Doctor Stye Relief Compress is a moist heat generated eye patch which relieves the symptoms of swelling/redness, irritation, stinging and burning.

  • This is a clinically proven treatment for Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease, Eyelid Cysts and MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction) and the associated symptoms of grittiness, irritation and sore eyes.

Sterileyes® is bound permanently to the fibres of our fabric to provide effective antibacterial protection against harmful bacteria. The antibacterial patch contains BodyBeads Self Hydrating Technology.

  • You can heat The Eye Doctor Stye Relief in the microwave to release the optimum temperature for an effective treatment.
  • Place heated compress on the infected eye to help relax away a variety of conditions. 
  • Sterileyes® Antibacterial Protection.
  • Suitable for use on either eye.
  • Adjustable Strap.
  • Does not interfere with your skin's natural bacterial flora.

Key Benefits:

  1. The Eye Doctor Stye Relief Compress is encased in our Sterileyes® material, an antibacterial shield around the compress which is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria tested. Our patented solution is bound to the fibres of the fabrics, protecting your eyes from potentially harmful bacteria and helping you maintain eye health. This fabric is antimicrobial to the three leading causative microorganisms of eye infections and that associated with Dry Eye development. 
  2. A clinically proven treatment for most common eye problems and relieves the symptoms of grittiness, irritation and sore eyes. 

See an optician or GP if you still have the symptoms after trying home treatments for a few weeks or there's any change in the shape of your eyelids. They can check what the cause might be and recommend treatment for it.

A good self care guide and information for Stye is available on the NHS website.

NHS - Stye

For best results combine the treatment with Biodegradable Eyelid Wipes twice a day at the morning&evening for cooling and soothing your eyes. The eyelid wipes gently cleansing and refreshing irritated eyes.


What is a Stye?

A stye is a painful red bump on your eyelid edge. Similar to an acne pimple, a stye forms when a tiny oil gland near the eyelashes becomes blocked and gets infected. Styes are very common and in many cases, you can manage a stye at home. However, some cases may require treatment by an eye care provider.

What is Chalazia?

Chalazia are enlargements of an oil gland (similar to a pimple) deep in the eyelid caused by an obstruction of the gland's opening. Styes are usually infected eyelash follicles. (inflammation of the edges of the eyelids). Some people may have one or two styes in a lifetime, but other people develop them repeatedly.

My eye compress doesn’t get hot enough
Our eye compress has been designed to heat up to just a couple of degrees past body temperature. It is supposed to be a comfortable warmth, rather than being hot. It can be heated for 30 seconds and another further five seconds if preferred, but no more.

Can I use the Eye Doctor compress cold?
Yes, you can, however, if you choose to use it cold, then we recommend putting the eye compress in a freezer bag and placing it in the freezer, rather than the fridge.

Can your eye compresses be heated in a combi microwave?
Our eye compresses can be heated in a combi microwave as long as the oven/grill element is switched off (please refer to your manufacturers instructions to see if this is possible).

What are the beads inside the eye compress?
The compress is filled with our self-hydrating BodyBeads®, made of medical grade silica.

Does the eye compress contain latex?
Yes, there are traces of latex within the strap that fastens around the back of your head.

What do I do if the eye compress doesn’t fit on my head?
Don’t worry, the straps are a comfort feature and not necessary to achieve effective treatment. If you need an alternative way to use the compress, simply recline your head back and apply the eye compress to your eyes.

How often should I wash my eye compress?
We recommend washing your compress at least once a week, but if your dry eye symptoms are more severe, we would recommend washing it more often.

Info Leaflet

Eyelid problems:

Find out what to do if you have a lump on your eyelid, or an eyelid that's swollen, sticky, itchy, drooping or twitching.

Most eyelid problems are harmless and not serious.

It's fairly common to have any of these problems:

  • a lump that goes away by itself after 3 or 4 weeks
  • mildly itchy, flaky or sticky eyelids that clear up by themselves
  • swelling from a nearby insect bite, injury or operation that goes away after a week or so
  • twitching or blinking from time to time – often when you're tired
  • eyelids that droop (or get more "hooded") as you get older.

What makes the Eyelid Wipes Biodegradable?

Made from Viscose fibres, our wipes are fully biodegradable in natural environments:

  • in the soil, compost and both fresh or marine water.

They will fully convert back to nature and do not require recycling. At The Body Doctor, we recognise that being sustainable is becoming a necessity due to ever-changing perceptions around the world and we are starting to bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing,’ by embracing sustainable products, packaging and practices. We believe our eyelid wipes being biodegradable is a first for the optical industry and we are dedicated to continue this initiative across our whole portfolio, reducing as much impact to the environment as possible.


Before using this product it is important to read the information leaflet and follow the instructions in the package. 


  1. Heat eyelids externally - do this by using your Eye Doctor Stye Relief in accordance with the instructions. This will allow the buttery oil to melt and become liquid again.
  2. Express the melted oil from the glands by following the Eyelid Massage Procedure as shown in the instructions. This will allow the glands to produce healthy oil again.
  3. Clean the base of the eyelashes using our Eye Doctor Lid Wipes, Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser or a clean tissue. This reduces the build-up of bacteria which can be responsible for some of the symptoms.


Call 999 or go to A&E if:

  • you have any changes to your sight, like wavy lines, flashing or loss of vision.
  • it hurts to look at the light.
  • you have a red eye, severe headache and feel sick.
  • your eye or eyes are very dark red.
  • you have injured or pierced your eye.
  • something is stuck in your eye (like a piece of glass or grit).


What is included in The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress?

  • The Eye Doctor Stye Relief single eye compress
  • Includes 2 x Eyelid Wipes 
  • Storage bag
  • Eyelid Massage procedure.

The active ingredients of Sterileyes® / Polygiene is a biocide based on Silver Salt made from recycled Silver*. *Reaction mass of Titanium Dioxide and Silver Chloride.

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