• Phenergan Tablets 10mg (Pack of 56)

Phenergan Tablets 10mg (Pack of 56)

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Medication features

  • Contains an antihistamine
  • Often used for Insomnia, Travel Sickness, Allergies
  • 10mg or 25mg Tablets

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you can buy phenergan tablets online from our uk registered online pharmacy. 

phenergan tablets contain the antihistamine promethazine, and this can be used to treat a range of ailments, including

allergieshay fever or other allergic reactions
insomniafor short term relief of sleep disturbances
rashesfor red itchy rashes and skin conditions
travel sicknessrelief from nausea for people who don't travel well!
how to take phenergan
depending on what you are using phenergan for, the dosage will vary. you may also vary your dose depending on the response, but this should be done according to the patient information leaflet, or on your doctor's advice. 

below is a summary of the most common uses of phenergan and the corresponding dosages.

when taken for insomnia, the usual dose of phenergan is 25mg taken once daily at night. you should take this around one hour before bedtime. phenergan is intended for short term use only when treating insomnia, so if your symptoms go on for longer than 3 nights, see your gp.

hay fever
those taking phenergan for hayfever generally use the 10mg tablet, and this is taken 2-3 times daily depending on symptom control. many hayfever sufferers prefer non-drowsy anti-histamines however, as these are less likely to impact your alertness during the day. these include cetirizine and loratadine.

travel sickness
the dosage of phenergan, when used to prevent travel sickness, is generally one 25mg tablet taken about 60 minutes before travel. this gives the drug enough time to be absorbed into your system and get to work! promethazine can be very effective in reducing nausea felt in those travelling by land, air or sea.


What is Phenergan?
Phenergan is an antihistamine medication which is used in a variety of ailments such as allergies, insomnia, travel sickness and itch relief.
What are the side effects Phenergan?
Phenergan tablets can cause the following side effects. Although not everyone will suffer these since every person responds to medication differently.Drowsiness
Blurred Vision
Dry Mouth
How does Phenergan work?
Phenergan tablets contain an antihistamine called promethazine. Antihistamines work by blocking the histamine receptors in your brain. Histamine is responsible for trigger inflammatory processes in the body which can cause redness and inflammation.
Can I drink alcohol when taking Phenergan?
Alcohol should be avoided when taking this medication, as this could worsen the effects of drowsiness.
How long can I take Phenergan for?
Phenergan should not be taken for more than 10 days without advice from your doctor.
Is Phenergan addictive?
Phenergan is not addictive in the way other sleeping tablets may be. However, it is not advisable to take long term for sleep disorders as you may develop an unhealthy reliance on its use. For sleep disturbances which last for more than 3 nights, see your doctor for advice. 

Can I take Phenergan with pain killers?
Yes, it's okay to take Phenergan with pain killers which are available over the counter such as paracetamol (Panadol), and Ibuprofen (Nurofen). Some pharmacy medicines however may also contain codeine or dihydrocodeine. These pain killers can cause drowsiness, and if taken with Phenergan can increase effects of drowsiness experienced. Until you know how these medicines affect you, avoid driving or using machinery.

Side Effects

Side effects of Phenergan
As with any medication, side effects are a possibility when using this medicine. The active ingredient Promethazine can cause the following side effects. Drowsiness
Blurred Vision
Dry Mouth
More serious side effects include yellowing of your skin / eyes. If this happens to you, seek medical advice, as this could indicate there are problems with your liver. Another more serious side effect is if you notice excessive bruising or bleeding while using Phenergan. Again, this should be reported to your GP. Another reportable side effect is if you experience shaking or severe stiffness in your muscles, or involuntary movements in other parts of your body, particularly your face. 

Finally, should you experience an anaphylactic reaction to Phenergan, seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of this include difficulty breathing, severe swelling of your tongue, lips or face and severe rashes which may blister or peel.

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at medicines.org, or by contacting us.

Phenergan PIL


For allergies (such as hay fever, rashes
and hives)
Children 2-5 years:
• Phenergan Elixir should be given in
this age group
Children 5-10 years:
• A single tablet (25mg) given at night
• DO NOT give more than 25mg each
Children over 10 years and adults
(including the elderly):
• Start with one tablet (25mg) taken at
• This may be increased to a maximum
of one tablet (25mg) twice a day if

For treatment and prevention of feeling
sick or being sick (such as travel sickness)
Children 2-5 years:
• Phenergan Elixir should be given in
this age group
Children 5-10 years:
• Phenergan Elixir or Phenergan 10mg
Tablets should be given in this age
Children over 10 years and adults
(including the elderly):
• A single tablet (25 mg) to be taken the
night before the journey
• This may be repeated after 6-8 hours
if necessary

As a short term paediatric sedative and
for short term treatment of insomnia in
Children 2-5 years:
• Phenergan Elixir should be given in
this age group
Children 5-10 years:
• A single tablet (25mg) given at night
Children over 10 years and adults
(including the elderly):
• One or two tablets (25mg-50mg)
taken at night


Do not take this medicine, and tell
your doctor, if you are taking or have
taken the following in the last 2 weeks:
• Some medicines for depression called
monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).
If you are not sure ask your doctor or
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you
are taking any of the following:
• Anticholinergic medicines – includes
some medicines used for irritable bowel
syndrome, asthma or weak bladder.
These can increase the risk of dizziness,
dry mouth and blurred eyesight
• Medicines for depression (such as
• Medicines to help you to sleep or feel more
relaxed (such as diazepam or zolpidem)
• Medicines such as aspirin (for arthritis
and pain in your joints). Phenergan
Tablets may hide the side effects of
these medicines
Phenergan Tablets with food and drink
Do not drink alcohol while you are taking
Phenergan Tablets. This is because it can
affect the way the medicine works.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before
taking this medicine if you are pregnant,
might become pregnant, or think you may
be pregnant. Phenergan Tablets should
not be taken 2 weeks before birth.
You should not take Phenergan Tablets if
you are breast-feeding. This is because
small amounts may pass into mothers’
milk. This can be harmful to your baby.
If you are breast-feeding or planning to
breast-feed, talk to your doctor or
pharmacist before taking any medicine.
Driving and using machines
You may feel drowsy or sleepy after taking
this medicine or the morning after taking
this medicine. If this happens, do not
drive or use any tools or machines.
Phenergan Tablets contains lactose:
• This is a type of sugar. If you have been
told by your doctor that you cannot
tolerate or digest some sugars (have an
intolerance to some sugars), talk to your
doctor before taking this medicin


Each tablet contains 10mg of the active
substance, promethazine hydrochloride
The other ingredients are lactose, maize
starch, povidone, magnesium stearate,
polyethylene glycol, Opaspray (contains
titanium dioxide-E171, hypromelloseE464 and indigo carmine aluminium
lake blue-E132) and hypromellose

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