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We’re ready to help with vaccination push

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Our pharmacies are at the heart of communities across this country. We’ve helped you and your family with everything from minor ailments to the supply of life-saving medication.

Now, as the UK ramps up its vaccination programme against COVID-19, we are ready to play our part again.

Why pharmacies?

Watching the early stages of this process unfold, you will have seen teams of health workers going into hospitals and care facilities to vaccinate the most vulnerable members of our society.

Perhaps you or a loved one have attended one of the larger centres, like the NHS Louisa Jordan in Glasgow.

But as the scheme continues and we come down the age groups, more facilities will be needed to deliver these jabs.

At Rightdose, we have six outlets across the country, all of which will be available for the Scottish Government to use to administer vaccines when it gives the go-ahead.

Easy to get to

Pharmacies are always in the best locations within communities – somewhere easily accessible by foot or public transport, and often with good parking facilities.

We know how important it is to you that your local pharmacy is conveniently situated – the last thing anyone needs is another complicated, arduous journey.

We know what we’re doing

We’re already old hands when it comes to administering the flu vaccine every year, so the coronavirus jab doesn’t hold any surprises for us.

We understand many people are anxious about receiving an injection like this, so our skilled and friendly staff will be there to reassure you every step of the way.

Safety first

The vaccine may be the only way out of the pandemic, but it’s important to keep to the safety guidelines in the meantime.

Our pharmacies are all compliant with social distancing measures, and everything is cleaned and sanitised to an extremely high level.

PPE is worn by our staff, meaning you can confidently come to our pharmacy knowing you will be kept safe.

A national effort

We can and we will beat coronavirus – but everyone has to play their part. You’ve all done that every day with the personal sacrifices you’ve made in terms of socialising and visiting loved ones.

Now we at Rightdose want to play our part by giving this vaccine to you in the safest and most comfortable surroundings possible. It would be an honour for us to help the country get through this pandemic.

Keep monitoring our website for updates.

Once we have the green light from the government – we stand ready to give you a shot in the arm for the future.

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