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Anbesol is a leading brand of oral pain reliever, with a range that includes teething gels for babies and adult strength gel which can be used for mouth ulcers.

The range also includes a painkilling liquid which, when applied directly to the gums, can be used by adults and children.

All the Anbesol products are lidocaine based. This gives powerful, targeted relief to pain in the mouth and gums.

At Rightdose, we supply a range of Anbesol products, so there is no need to suffer from oral pain - whatever age you are.

Using Anbesol products

Anbesol products are easy to apply, giving quick relief to pain.

To apply teething gel, make sure your hands are clean, apply a small amount of teething gel to a fingertip, and gently rub the affected area. This will quickly help your baby settle.

Adult strength gel can give relief to mouth ulcers or the pain caused by ill-fitting dentures. Simply apply a small amount to a fingertip and rub it on the affected area. This should give you relief for up to three hours.

When using the liquid, one application will be enough for babies, while adults should use two applications.

About Rightdose

Rightdose is a UK-registered online pharmacy, supplying a wide range of medicines and products from leading manufacturers.

We believe no one should suffer unnecessarily, which is why we supply a range of Anbesol pain killing gels. 

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