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Travel Vaccinations

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Planning a trip abroad? We can help you and your family with all the necessary advice and vaccinations to keep you safe.

Why you may need a travel vaccination

Important Information

Family Boarding Plane

What vaccines will i need?

The vaccinations required for your trip will depend on the areas you are visiting, length of your trip and the various activities you will undertake, as well as your personal health. We recommend checking the following website to find out what vaccinations may be required for your trip:

During the consultation, our specially trained Pharmacist will be able to give you more advice and answer any queries you might have.

What vaccines are available at Rightdose?

At Rightdose we vaccinate adults and children over 2 years old. We might need to confirm your child’s weight in order to appropriately prescribe antimalarials.

Vaccination Pricing

Travel Vaccinations available in-store

Commonly Asked Questions

About our Clinic

What happens during the appointment?

The initial appointment will last around 45min (if you are attending with other people, each person will need to be assessed individually). The pharmacist will ask you questions about your trip and your health. If you have a history of previous vaccinations, please bring that with you to the appointment. You will then be given recommendations about what vaccinations or any other treatments (e.g., antimalarials, jet lag medicine, traveller’s diarrhoea) you may require. You may be given the vaccinations you need on the day of your initial appointment.

How long before I travel do I need vaccinations?

Ideally you should come in for your appointment around 6-8 weeks before you travel. We may still be able to help some “last-minute travellers” too, so please confirm. Some vaccinations might need several booster doses that can take around a month to complete. It’s important to note that vaccines in general take a few weeks to work.

To assist with the consultation, we ask all patients/patient representatives to create an account with our partner Pharmadoctor  and fill out the questionnaire (“Start a new consultation” “Travel”)

Book Appointment

Book your appointment online or in-store. This service is available at selected Rightdose Pharmacies.

Attend Appointment

Attend your appointment. Our clinician will discuss the service with you & answer any questions.

Receive your vaccine

Receive your treatment from our clinician if it is suitable for you. Our clinician will administer treatment.

Got a question?

Ask our Pharmacy & Clinical Staff any questions you may have.