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Shingles Vaccinations

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Shingles is an infection of a nerve and the skin surrounding it. It is caused by a Herpes Zoster infection which also causes chickenpox. It is estimated that around 1 in 4 adults gets shingles at some point in life. In some cases, shingles can lead to complications such as postherpetic neuralgia where the nerve pain lasts for months. 

Why you may need a Shingles Vaccination

Important Information

What Are The Symptoms Of Shingles?

Shingles most commonly cause pain followed by an itchy blistered rash which looks similar to the chickenpox rash. The rash can affect any part of your body but chest and abdomen are the most common. 

Are Shingles Contagious?

Shingles are not contagious. However, you can catch chickenpox from someone with shingles if you’ve not had chickenpox before.

Vaccination Pricing

Shingles Vaccinations Available In-Store

Live shingles vaccine (over 50’s) – £155

Inactivated shingles vaccine (over 50’s or over 18’s at increased risk of shingles due to immunosuppression) – £210 per dose, two doses are required

Commonly Asked Questions​

About our Clinic

Who Is Eligible To Get The Shingles Vaccine?

Shingles vaccines might be available for free on the NHS if you are aged 70-79. At Rightdose, we vaccinate people over 50 or those over 18 who are at a higher risk of developing shingles (for example due to immunosuppression). Two types of the shingles vaccine are available at our Pharmacy. We will be able to recommend the most suitable vaccine for you during the appointment.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Vaccine?

The most common side effects include injection site reactions (pain, redness). The vaccine can sometimes cause fever, headache and gastrointestinal upset.

How Many Doses Of The Shingles Vaccine Will I Need?

This depends on the vaccine you are getting. If you are getting the live vaccine (over 50’s only) you will require one dose. For the inactivated vaccine (over 50’s and over 18’s at increased risk of shingles). Two doses are required 2 months apart.

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