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Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray
  • Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray
  • Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray
  • Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray
  • Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray

Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray

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Product features

  • Alien is a perfume for women in the Amber Woody Floral olfactory family
  • Mysterious revelation with sensual notes of otherworldly and exotic Cashmeran Wood
  • Solar revelation with notes of Sambac Jasmine from India, the sumptuous "flower of the sun"
  • The soft and cozy notes of White Amber completes the feminine scent
  • Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray


Thierry Mugler Alien For Women Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray


"The innate oddness of a trio of jasmine, Cashmeran and molecules evoking gray amber. The accord hangs on the voluptuous Cashmeran."

Mugler Alien is a perfume for women in the Amber Woody Floral olfactory family.

The Woody Floral fragrance Alien Eau de Parfum is an elixir of sensuality and femininity, illuminated by the Jasmine Sambac. It is sublimated by the notes of Cashmeran Wood enveloped by the White Amber.

Alien Eau de Parfum a is fragrance like no other, the ultimate expression of femininity wrapped in a veil of sensuality. The Alien fragrance leaves a trail of delicate floral jasmine, woody and amber notes. A feminine perfume from the Amber-Woody-Floral fragrance family with notes of Sambac Jasmine, Cashmeran Wood and White Amber.

Alien is radiant, illuminated by Sambac Jasmine from India: a magnificent tropical flower whose delicateness contrasts with its powerful fragrance. A spiritual offering, a sacred promise of femininity.

Alien is mysterious, enhanced by the sensual notes of Cashmeran Wood: both enigmatic, characterized by its bold and woody fragrance, and exotic, warmed by an intense sun that intoxicates the senses.

Alien is enveloping, enriched with White Amber. MUGLER has created a modern and timeless white amber: a note as soft and cozy as white mohair.

The iconic bottle of Alien is inspired by amethyst, a symbol of meditation and tranquility and is endlessly refillable at the Source Fragrance Fountain in store and thanks to its Refill bottle so you need never go without it.

Eau de Parfum

Size: 30ml Spray

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Did You Know?

Fragrance Concentration

Perfumes, whether for men or women, contain a fragrance concentrate (essential oils) diluted in a mixture of alcohol and water. In reality, the fragrance concentration percentage and its level of alcohol influence how long the scent lasts, and determine its category. There are four types of perfume with specific characteristics:

Eau de Cologne

This is the lightest, least persistent type of perfume. Its concentration varies from 2% to 5%. The product is fresh, invigorating and associated with a concept of cleanliness and freshness.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

One of the most popular types of perfume, eau de toilette is perfect for regular, everyday use. Its concentration varies from 5% to 12%. The top notes make up half the fragrance. The perfumer places emphasis on the freshness and unfurling of the fragrance.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Sometimes called parfum de toilette or esprit de parfum, its concentration varies from 12% to 20%. Eau de parfum is long-lasting and remains for 5 to 10 hours. The middle notes make up most of the fragrance. The perfumer highlights these notes to enhance the perfume’s sparkle. More concentrated than eau de toilette, eau de parfum is generally more tenacious and leaves a stronger scent trail.


Also known as extrait de parfum, this is the most concentrated product. Its concentration varies from 20% to 40% in an extra-fine alcohol solution of 96%. This fragrance lasts longer than other types and is generally reserved for special occasions, especially for the evening and night. Base notes make up most of the fragrance. The perfumer places emphasis on the noble quality of the base notes to reinforce its tenaciousness and volume. A few drops of perfume applied directly to the skin, preferably on the pulse points, are sufficient to reveal its trail and intensity.

Side Effects

Like all skin products, Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray can cause side effects, however, this may be less likely.

Read the instructions on the device carefully before use.

  • Do not use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Use as directed.

If you experience any irritation while using this product, stop using it.

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, our Rightdose pharmacists or nurse.

Info Leaflet

Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum?

While Eau de Toilette contains 5-9% of perfume oil, Eau de Parfum usually contains 8-14%. Eau de Parfums therefore last longer and smell more intense.

Natural or synthetic fragrances?

Perfumes with natural ingredients often smell different in batches based on the source of the ingredients, while synthetic ingredients usually have consistency in their smell and last longer.

Notes and different smells after application?

Perfumes are often designed with top, middle and base notes, and designed to smell different based on the time after application. For example, some top note citrus scents smell stronger immediately upon application, while a lavender middle note may be sensed after some time from application as the top note evaporates.


How to use:

Spritz onto the pulse points (neck, wrists & behind the ears) to unleash the scent.

External use only.



  • Spray in a well-ventilated area
  • Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin.
  • Flammable until dry, keep away from flames and heat.
  • Protect from sunlight.
  • Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C.

Keep out of reach of children.




Thierry Mugler  High quality and responsible ingredients

Since our creations revolve around the most beautiful raw materials Nature has to offer, we are collaborating with our partners to create a community of stakeholders committed to responsible development projects.

Each ingredient, such as the Sambac Jasmine in Alien or Bourbon Vanilla in Aura MUGLER, is selected with the respect and preservation of ecosystems in mind. We therefore promote the protection of sources and fair compensation for producers with the aim of developing an ethical, responsible supply chain.

With creativity and boldness, sustainable and respectful luxury is possible.

A pure ingredient, rare and precious, Sambac Jasmine is carefully selected by the perfume house IFF-Laboratoire Monique Rémy through its partner Nesso based in the southern Indian town of Mysore.

The Patchouli used by MUGLER, the signature ingredient of Angel Eau de Toilette, is harvested and distilled on the island of Sulawesi procured through the Givaudan Sourcing for Shared Value program.

Between sea, bushes and mountains, the organic and Fairtrade certified Bourbon Vanilla grows in the beautiful Sambava region of Madagascar.

The vanilla is picked by Firmenich, one of our four partner fragrance houses, in collaboration with the cooperative Savanille located in the north of the island; its cultivation provides higher income and better social conditions for 1,400 local farmers and their families.

Native to Asia, from the Himalayan mountains to Japan, the Osmanthus flower used by MUGLER is hand-picked in China and carefully selected by the IFF fragrance house. Its notes of apricot give Alien Man an overwhelming blend of sensuality, exhilarating freshness and unique magnetism.

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