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  • Hycosan Plus Eye Drops 7.5ml

Hycosan Plus Eye Drops 7.5ml

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Product features

  • Easy to use drops after eye injury or for damaged dry eye
  • Convenient and long lasting - provides daily eye comfort
  • Unique bottle: One pump - One drop
  • Contact lens compatible
  • Contains 2% Dexpanthenol to support healing
  • Contains 0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate to soothe and lubricate
  • 6 months sterility after opening
  • Preservative Free



Hycosan Plus used to aid the natural healing of a damaged surface of the eye due to surgical procedures, eye injury or dry eyes.

Hycosan Plus drops are designed for lubrication of the eye that can support the healing of a damaged surface of the eye.

  • This is a Steril A medical device.
  • Suitable for use with both soft and hard contact lenses.

How it works:
The surface of your eye is covered by a thin layer of tears, called the 'tear film' which protects, nourishes and lubricates the eye.
Hycosan Plus contains a natural occurring substance called Sodium Hyaluronate which replenishes the tear film. At a concentration of 0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate it offers effective relief for more severe and persistent dry eye symptoms.
Hycosan Plus also contains Dexpanthenol which provides the surface of the eye with an effective environment to support healing post operation or eye injury.

Preservative free, ideal for daily use and suitable for contact lens wearers.

Tried, Tested and Recommended by Health Care Professionals for relief from all grades of Dry Eye Symptoms.

Our specialised bottle contains 7.5ml of solution. 

Hycosan is a well-established range of preservative-free lubricants for symptom relief for tired, itchy dry eyes of all severities. Hycosan eye drops are high quality eye lubricants delivered in the unique COMOD system, which ensure 6 month sterility and do not require preservatives. The Hycosan range also contains Hycosan Night ointment for night-time symptom relief.

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What is Dry Eye?
Dry Eye is a common condition which becomes more common as we age. It occurs when there is an insufficient volume and/or quality of tears to keep the surface of the eye sufficiently lubricated.

Dry Eye can be caused by many factors including:

  • Contact lens wear
  • Antihistamine and some other medications
  • Environmental conditions such as air conditioning in cars, offices and airplanes
  • Increased tablet, phone or PC use
  • Age related Dry Eye
  • Poor diet and dehydration

Signs and symptoms of Dry Eye include:

  • Paradoxical tearing
  • Sandy or gritty eyes
  • Stinging or burning eyes
  • Redness
  • Contact lens discomfort

Side Effects

Before using any eye products, it is important to read the information and follow the instructions on the package.

  • Do not use it, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, our Rightdose pharmacists or nurse.

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet.

  • Can be used for 6 months after opening.
  • Contact lense compatible.

How can we take care of the surface of the Eye

Here are our top tips to maintain a healthy tear film. Always consult your Health Care Professional if symptoms persist. Here are the Top Tips to relieve symptoms of Dry Eye.

Every time you blink you produce new tears, with screen time on the increase we don’t blink enough. Taking regular breaks from your computer, phone or tablet and being conscious of how often you blink is a great way to reduce your symptoms.

Preservative Free
Using preservative free products is important for effective relief of dry eye symptoms. Preservatives can cause further irritation to the surface of the eye. When shopping for dry eye products look for preservative free on the label.

Applying a heated eye mask to closed eyelids for 10 minutes, can help soften the clogged oils in the eyelid glands. This allows the oils to flow more freely and helps prevent the tears from evaporating from the surface of the eye.

Following the heated eye mask, gently massage the eyelids using your forefinger. Massaging will help to push the oil out from the eyelid glands.

Cleansing your eyelids daily will help remove debris, bacteria and oil that can often lead to Blepharitis, MGD or Dry Eye symptoms. Lid scrubs and wipes are usually pre-soaked in a cleansing solution and ready to use.

Health Care Professionals recommend the use of preservative free eye lubricants and sprays which have shown to be more effective than preserved eye drops or ointments in reducing inflammation on the eyes. Tear replacement with eye drops, sprays or ointments are traditionally considered a mainstay of Dry Eye management, however it is recommended these are used in conjunction with other therapies to target the underlying causes of Dry Eye.

Health Care Professionals recommend a diet rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and/or the use of nutritional supplements to help manage Dry Eye Disease. Your eye specialist can suggest a suitable supplement for you.


Wash your hands before using eye drops.


Before first use only, invert the bottle and pump the base until the first drop appears. The system is now ready for use.

  • Remove the cap before use.
  • Pull down your lower eyelid.
  • Place two fingers on the base of the bottle and your thumb on the shoulder.
  • Tilt your head back and press on the base to release one drop.


This is a Steril A medical device.


Store at room temperature. Do not store above 25ºC.

Store in the original package

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.



  • Sodium Hyaluronate 0.1%
  • Dexpanthenol 2%

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