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  • Calpol Infant Suspension Sachets 5ml (Pack of 12) - Strawberry flavour
  • Calpol Infant Suspension Sachets 5ml (Pack of 12) - Strawberry flavour

Calpol Infant Suspension Sachets 5ml (Pack of 12) - Strawberry flavour

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Product features

  • Suitable for infants aged 2-6 years
  • Brings down temperatures and releives pain
  • contains paracetamol


buy calpol infant suspension sachets 5ml pack of 12 online

The paracetamol in CALPOL® Infant Suspension
Sachets is used to relieve pain and / or bring down fever
(high temperature) in many conditions including postimmunisation fever, teething, headache, cold and flu,
toothache, earache, sore throat and other aches and pains

Side Effects

■ allergic reactions including swelling of the face,
tongue or throat, difficulty swallowing, unexplained
wheezing, shortness of breath, rash or hives.
■ becoming unusually tired, unexpected bruising or
bleeding and getting more infections (such as colds)
than usual. These are very rare effects in people
taking paracetamol.
■ very rare cases of serious skin reactions have been
reported. Symptoms may include: skin reddening,
blisters, rash. If skin reactions occur or existing skin
symptoms worsen, stop use and seek medical help
right away.
If your child shows any of these signs, stop giving
paracetamol and talk to a doctor right away.

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at medicines.org, or by contacting us.


For oral use only.
■ Each sachet contains 5 ml of this medicine.
Any unused contents of the open sachet should be discarded.
■ Do not give more medicine than the label tells you to.
If your child does not get better, talk to your doctor.
■ Do not overfill the spoon.
■ Always use the spoon supplied with the pack.
■ Do not give anything else containing paracetamol while
giving this medicine.
There is a double-ended
spoon in the pack.

Babies under 2 months

Do not give to babies under 2 months old. Consult
your doctor.

Babies 2 - 3 months                                                                                                                                       

For the relief of fever after vaccinations at 2, 3 and 4
months - 2.5 ml. This dose may be given up to 4 times a
day starting at the time of vaccination. Do not give more than
4 doses in any 24 hour period. Leave at least 4 hours between
doses. If your baby still needs this medicine two days after
receiving the vaccine talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
Pain and other causes of fever                                                                                                                         

Children from 3 months to 6 years                                                                                                                 

■ Do not give more than 4 doses in any 24 hour period.
■ Leave at least 4 hours between doses.
■ Do not give this medicine to your child for more than
  3 days without speaking to your doctor or pharmacist 



Do not give your child this medicine…
■ If s/he has ever had a bad reaction to any of
the ingredients.
■ If s/he is taking anything else with
paracetamol in it.
■ If s/he is between 2-3 months old and is taking
this medicine for other causes of pain and fever
■ Weighs less than 4 kg or
■ Was born before 37 weeks
If any of these applies, get advice from a doctor or
pharmacist without using CALPOL®.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist…
■ If your child has serious kidney or liver problems.
■ If your child has an inherited intolerance
to fructose or been diagnosed with an intolerance
to some other sugars.
■ If your child is taking any other medicines
■ metoclopramide or domperidone (used to treat
nausea and vomiting)
■ cholestyramine (used to treat high cholesterol)
■ anticoagulants (drugs that thin the blood, such
as warfarin)
■ anticonvulsants (drugs to treat epilepsy)
If you are not sure about the medicine your child is
taking, show the bottle or pack to your pharmacist.
If any of these bullet points apply, talk to a doctor
or pharmacist.

Some of the ingredients can cause
■ Methyl (E218), propyl (E216) and ethyl (E214)
parahydroxybenzoate may cause allergic
reactions which could possibly be delayed.
■ The sorbitol (E420) and maltitol content of this
product means that this product is unsuitable for
people with inherited intolerance to fructose.
■ This medicine contains 967 mg of sorbitol liquid (E420)
per 5 ml dose which is equivalent to 193 mg/ml
and 2.72g of maltitol liquid. Sorbitol is a source
of fructose. If your doctor has told you that your
child has an intolerance to some sugars or if your
child has been diagnosed with hereditary fructose
intolerance (HFI), a rare genetic disorder in which
a person cannot break down fructose, talk to your
doctor before your child receives this medicine.
■ Sorbitol may cause gastrointestinal discomfort
and mild laxative effect.
■ Maltitol may have a mild laxative effect. Calorific
values: 2.6 kcal/g sorbitol and 2.3 kcal/g maltitol.
■ Carmoisine (E122) may cause allergic reactions.
■ This medicine contains less than 1 mmol sodium
(23 mg) per 5ml, that is to say essentially


The active ingredient is:

Paracetamol 120 mg per 5 ml

Other ingredients are:

Maltitol liquid, glycerol, polysorbate
80, sorbitol solution (E420), methyl parahydroxybenzoate
(E218), propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216), ethyl
parahydroxybenzoate (E214), dispersible cellulose, xanthan
gum and purified water. The flavouring is strawberry and
colouring is carmoisine (E122).

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