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Bronchitis Guide

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis covers two conditions, depending on the severity and regularity of symptoms.

Acute bronchitis is a temporary inflammation of the airways, which causes mucus production and a cough. It lasts around three weeks.

Chronic bronchitis classed as a daily productive cough which lasts for at least three months in a row, for at least two years in a row.

Both conditions are caused by an infection in the main airways of the lungs (called bronchi). This causes the walls of the airways to become inflamed and produce mucus.

In fact, it is normal for the airways to produce some mucus, as this traps dust and other particles which could cause irritation or damage the lungs. The infection causes this mucus production to go out of control.

The body then tries to get rid of this extra mucus, by causing you to cough.

Symptoms of bronchitis

The most common symptom of bronchitis is a regular cough, which will bring up clear, yellow or green mucus.

Other symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain

If you suffer from chronic bronchitis, you will likely experience all these symptoms during a flare up. However, it is likely the cough will last for several weeks after other symptoms have cleared up.

What to do if you have bronchitis

The most common cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking. If you smoke, it is important that you quit.

Smoking can worsen symptoms, by causing additional inflammation of the airways.

While there is no cure for chronic bronchitis, your GP may prescribe a steroid inhaler to open up the airways.

Acute bronchitis should clear up by itself. You can also soothe symptoms by:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Drinking fluids
  • Take paracetamol to reduce fever and ease muscle aches
  • Use lozenges to soothe a sore throat
  • Drink honey and lemon

If your symptoms don’t clear up after three weeks, you should see your doctor, as it may be a sign of chronic bronchitis or another health condition.

Bronchitis treatments from Rightdose

While there is no cure for chronic bronchitis, there are several products available which can help soothe symptoms.

Paracetamol can help reduce your temperature and ease muscle pain. Chesty cough liquid can help to break mucus, making it easier to cough up.

Sachets can help soothe a runny nose, as well as easing fatigue.

At Rightdose, we stock a range of products that can make it easier to live with bronchitis.

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