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Foot Care

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It is important to take proper care of your feet, although they can often be an afterthought when people are dealing with their health. This is despite the fact that many people spend much of the day on their feet, sometimes in shoes that are not suitable. Ensuring your feet are supported properly can help to reduce symptoms elsewhere in the body, such as back pain.

Your feet can also be a good barometer for your overall health. Changes in sensation or appearance can be a warning sign of diabetes, arthritis, gout and many other health conditions. So by practicing proper foot care, it is not just your feet that will benefit. Your whole body will.

Common Foot Conditions

There are many common foot conditions, which can be easily treated without seeing a doctor. These include:

  • Fungal infections
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Verrucas and warts
  • Blisters

These all have distinct symptoms. Fungal infections often cause thickening or yellowing of the toenails. Nails may also become brittle. If left untreated they can split or come away completely. Athlete’s foot often causes dry, cracked skin between the toes. Warts and verrucas can often be treated using freezing treatment, which kills the wart.

Blisters are often caused by unsuitable footwear, which irritates or damages the foot. Blister plasters can give the affected area time to heal, without the risk of infection that comes with bursting blisters.

Foot Care Products

Depending on the condition, here are many different treatments available from Rightdose to treat foot conditions. For example, most fungal infections, including Athlete’s foot, can be treated by applying topical creams or antifungal solutions.

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