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It is fairly likely your children will head lice or nits at some point, especially when they start school.

That’s because head lice are spread through close contact, which is practically inevitable in nursery or school. Head lice are not caused by having unclean hair, although it can be harder to treat if hair is tangly.

It is important that you should treat head lice as soon as you spot them. If not, head lice can easily be passed on to other members of the family.

Threadworms are another very common childhood condition. These are also easily spread through close contact and can cause itchy, irritated skin around the anus. You may also see tiny white worms in poo.

Treating head lice and threadworms 

Threadworm tablets or liquid can kill the worms. You should also try to reduce the risk of spreading eggs by:

  • Encouraging children to wash hands regularly
  • Ensuring your kids bathe or shower every morning
  • Rinse toothbrushes before using them
  • Trim fingernails
  • Wash pyjamas, bedding and soft toys (at normal temperature)
  • Disinfect kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Make sure child wears underwear at night – change it in the morning

To treat head lice, first attempt wet combing the hair. Simply wash the hair using your usual shampoo, put in plenty of conditioner and then comb the hair from root to tip. This should remove most head lice and nits.

If they are a bit more stubborn, you can use solutions that kill lice and nits. These can either be sprayed on the hair and left in overnight, or you may want fast acting solutions that can be washed out after five minutes.

Generally, you should use the solution again after a week, to get rid of any lice that have hatched since the first application. If you spot head lice, you may want to inform your child’s school so you can let parents know.

Lice and threadworm treatments from Rightdose

There are a wide range of lice and threadworm treatments available from Rightdose.

These include medicated shampoos, which can be used just like a regular shampoo, treatments that can be left in overnight to kill lice and nits and five-minute treatments which are faster acting, but are more likely to need repeating if you don’t comb out any remaining nits. Tablets and liquid treatments are available for threadworms.

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