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Effective Treatments to Heal Acne | Rightdose Pharmacy


Acne can affect a lot more than your skin, and effective acne treatments can literally change a person’s life.

Among the side effects of acne are:

Low self esteem

Acne can also be itchy and painful. Breakouts can also make the skin more susceptible to infections.

Fortunately, there are many different acne treatments available, depending on how severe it is and your skin type.

Types of acne treatments

There are a range of exfoliants and cleansers suitable for acne.

These work by keeping the skin smooth and soft. They also help to clean out pores, so they do not get clogged with oil or dead skin cells.

Other treatments include cleansing pads. These work in much the same way as cleansers, but have the added advantage of being available on the go.

Concealers can also be used to cover breakouts. Some of these also contain natural ingredients that fight bacteria that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Be sure to check the ingredients if you suffer skin allergies or if you have sensitive skin.

Acne products

Many acne sufferers report psychological effects as a result of acne. These can range from mild stress to severe depression.

It is important for your own emotional wellbeing to treat acne when it flares up.

That is why we have a range of acne products available at Rightdose. 

We are an online registered UK pharmacy. Our vision is to ensure you experience less stress when it comes to your health and enjoy more in life. Less stress, more living.

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