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How to combat erectile dysfunction for good

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If you're currently dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), don't suffer in silence. We’re here to let you know that you can get through this, starting with making small, healthy changes to your lifestyle.

When it comes to ED, you’re not alone, it has been estimated that half of men under 50 have experienced ED. The good news is that there are lots of ways to help combat ED for good, supporting you to get your normal, healthy sex life back on track. The symptoms associated with ED can take their toll on your mental health and cause strain in relationships, try some of these remedies and feel the benefits!

Erectile dysfunction treatments

Treatments for ED have become increasingly popular as a tried and tested method to get a normal erection. Medications like Viagra Connect (sildenafil) help to stimulate blood flow to the penis by opening up the arteries that supply blood to your penis, leading to a normal erection if taken before engaging in any sexual activity.

Here at Rightdose, we have a range of ED treatments that can help you regain a normal sex life. Our pharmacists are here to help and can find the right solution for you online without a trip to the GP. If erection issues do keep happening, you should contact your GP as it could be an indication of an underlying health issue.

Check your current medications

If you’re currently on medication and experiencing ED, it’s a good idea to check if your medication’s side effects include issues getting an erection. There is a long list of very common medications that can cause ED like drugs prescribed for heart conditions, blood pressure and depression. If you're unsure, speak to your GP about your medication, they may be able to switch the types of drugs you take to an alternative that won’t cause ED.

Talk it out

Impotence can be caused by mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, these conditions can dampen your libido (your sex drive). Your struggles to get an erection can put even more psychological pressure on yourself, creating a vicious circle of worry and strain on your relationship and sexual health. If you feel that ED is causing a negative effect on your mental health, it might be a good time to take part in some therapy to talk through the stress and anxiety you have been feeling. Sex therapists can talk you through techniques to help you overcome the psychological issues related to ED. Don't tackle these issues alone, if you are in a relationship, it can be really healthy to talk through conditions like ED with your partner. These open and honest chats can reduce the feeling of anxiety around erection issues.

Lifestyle changes

Finally, some really simple lifestyle changes can make a massive difference in your sexual health and the chances of getting an erection. Making healthier nutritional choices, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink each week and quitting smoking are all great ways to reduce the chances of experiencing ED. Exercising regularly can also help increase the blood flow to your penis as well as improving your overall physical and mental health. Lace up those trainers and feel the benefits of staying healthy and active!

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