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Winter is coming

Get your Flu Jab!

While we all wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, please don’t forget about an equally important vaccination that already exists - and saves thousands of lives each year.

The flu jab.

Winter is coming, and at Rightdose our pharmacists recommend you get booked in for this annual jab before the cold weather really bites. That’s when the virus starts spreading across the country.

Even if your mind is consumed with coronavirus – perhaps because you’re in an at-risk group or know someone who is – it’s worth remembering that someone at heightened risk of COVID-19 will also be more vulnerable to flu.

Who should get it?

If you’re over 65, have certain health conditions, are pregnant, or are in long-term care, then you should take action now.

You can also get the jab if you are in receipt of carer’s allowance, or are the main carer for someone who would be at risk were you to get ill.

If you live with someone on the NHS shielded list, you’re also recommended to get vaccinated.

And of course, our brave frontline health and social care workers – to whom we owe so much – also qualify.


It’s quick and easy

It isn’t a long process, involves a quick injection to the upper arm, and the vaccine is completely safe.

All you need to do is book in at one of our pharmacies across Scotland for the quick and efficient process which could spare you from months of misery over winter.

Protect you and your loved ones

Flu may not have made the headlines in the same way as coronavirus, but it still carries a significant threat.

Even in a mild winter there can be an additional 2,000 deaths over the colder months in Scotland, and many of these will be caused by flu.

The impact of seasonal flu is not to be underestimated, now more than ever.

So please protect you and your loved ones.

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