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Common asthma triggers and how to avoid them

If you’re a sufferer of asthma, no-one needs to tell you about the quality-of-life benefits from controlling the condition well.

Avoiding attacks or some of the more intense symptoms of asthma is equally important.

What are the common triggers, and how best can you keep clear of them?




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From laughter to smoke


There are many triggers for asthma, and these very much depend on the individual.

Exposure to smoke and dust can make the condition worse, as can allergies to things like pollen and feathers.

Stress often sets it off, and even emotions such as laughter can trigger an attack.

Doing more exercise than your body is used to can also be an issue.

The key thing is to understand what has set off asthma in the past, and to control and monitor those activities accordingly.




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Might I have asthma?


Asthma is a common condition affecting children and adults.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like wheezing (a whistling sound when breathing), running out of breath more easily than normal, coughing or a tight chest it may be worth getting checked out.

A GP will be able to diagnose asthma quickly, and that will allow you to access care and treatment, like an inhaler.




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What can I do to keep asthma at bay?


While excessive exercise can set off asthma, a regular routine of activity is also essential for keeping it under control. Once you’re on appropriate treatment, it becomes even more manageable.

Healthy eating is important, and avoiding smoking is really important.

Asthma can get worse over winter, so make sure you get your flu vaccine too.

When out and about in the cold weather be sure to wrap up warm, and even tricks like breathing through your nose rather than your mouth can help.

And if you need to take medication for something else, make sure you check first if it will have an impact on your asthma.




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Don’t underestimate it


For all the ways which asthma can be controlled, and a normal and full life lived, it can still pose serious threats if not dealt with properly.

Not controlling your asthma can lead to breathlessness and fatigue, which in turn results in a failure to perform at work or school.

There’s also a risk of anxiety, depression and stress, as well as lung infections.

And don’t forget, a severe asthma attack can prove deadly.

If you’re worried about controlling your asthma, our experts are on hand to answer any questions at [email protected].




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