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Can exercise help reduce your chances of erectile dysfunction?

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It can be daunting having to deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) on your own. Sometimes opening up and talking about it, or even seeking medical advice can be scary, but in the long run, can be so beneficial. We’re here to let you know that these issues can be treated, even reversed with lifestyle changes and ED treatments. A good place to start is to get out there and exercise!

ED is a growing problem in the UK, with up to half of all men under 50 years old suffering from erection issues. According to a recent study, the rates of impotence in men has more than doubled in the last 25 years. 

When most of us think of ED, we generally think of it only being a problem that men over a certain age have to worry about, but for the younger guys reading this, poor lifestyle choices like smoking or an unhealthy diet can contribute to the early signs of ED.

Making small changes to your lifestyle should not be underestimated if you have suffered erection issues recently, a brilliant place to start is to add a bit more exercise into your daily routine.

We know it’s tough to get started, but we have all felt the rush of endorphins when we complete a good workout of running, walking or even having a kick about in the park. Alongside that feel-good buzz, keeping active can help to reduce the chances of you suffering from ED, leaving you to continue having a healthy sex life without the stress of erection issues.

Reduce health problems associated with erectile dysfunction

The causes of ED mainly stem from underlying health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety. Adding some exercise into your daily routine can reduce your risk of developing these issues that can eventually lead to ED. Exercising regularly can produce incredible changes in not only your physical health, but your mental wellbeing too.

Exercise can:

  • Lower blood pressure and improved heart health
  • Improved joint pain and less stiffness
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Reduced risk of serious health issues, such as heart disease and strokes
  • More energy and help to get a better sleep
  • A boost to your immune system which can prevent you from falling sick
Improve blood circulation and muscle strength where it counts

Exercising regularly can help to maintain healthy blood circulation to your penis. By keeping active, you’re keeping your heart strong enough to pump blood more effectively to the genital area. Studies have shown that blood-pumping aerobic exercises like running are linked to more powerful erections.

Alongside cardio-focused exercises, a really effective method to avoid ED issues in the future is to strengthen the muscles used in getting an erection. It may be something you’ve never tried before, but start to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles using kegel exercise techniques. Kegel exercises use the same muscle movements as when you stop yourself peeing when you go to the loo! An easy place to start is to sit comfortably and squeeze those muscles around 10 times, building up your pelvic floor muscle strength over the next few months. Studies have shown that these exercises can prevent and even reverse ED over a few months, so get squeezing!

Maintaining a consistent routine of physical activity will help keep your overall health on track as well as preventing ED in the future, so be sure to continue making physical activity a priority in your day.

Here at Rightdose, we have a range of ED treatments that can help you regain a normal sex life. Our pharmacists are here to help and can find the right solution for you online without a trip to the GP. If erection issues do keep happening, you should contact your GP as it could be an indication of an underlying health problem.

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