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Ask a pharmacist, not the internet

When you’re feeling a bit under the weather it can be easy to turn to Dr Google to try and figure out what’s wrong, only to find your symptoms align perfectly with a rare and incurable disease.

The internet is a treasure trove of information, but when it comes to your health, it’s important to make sure the advice you’re getting is from someone you can trust.

Our team of pharmacists here at Rightdose have been giving advice to our patients in our community pharmacies for over a decade, and now we’re bringing that advice online.

Health advice you can trust

Each week our chief pharmacist Kasim will be answering your questions on anything that’s worrying you - from how to deal with common ailments like the cold, advice on how to get healthier, as well as answers to those embarrassing questions you might not want to ask in person!

As tempting as it may be, searching online for your symptoms can lead you down a dangerous rabbit hole. From convincing yourself you have a rare disease to stumbling upon the worst case scenarios, you’ll likely end up even more anxious than you were when you started, and no closer to finding the right treatment.

Our team of pharmacists have trained for five years in the use of medicines, treating minor illnesses and providing health and wellbeing advice, so you can be sure our recommendations are ones you can trust.

What’s up, doc?

We know that at this time, more than ever, many of us are worried about our health. Our mission is to help you feel better, no matter what you need, by providing you with the right advice on how to deal with common illnesses and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

And when it comes to those embarrassing questions, we’ll talk about them frankly. As pharmacists in our communities, we’ve literally heard everything and no, it’s not just you.

Alongside our in-house pharmacy team, we’ll feature guests with specialist knowledge: from NHS GPs and nurses to nutritionists and fitness experts. No matter your question, we’re here to give you the right advice and help you feel better.

Burning questions

Over to you! If you have a burning (or not!) question you’d like to ask a pharmacist, we’d love to hear from you.

Just fill in our form here or drop us a line on - we’ll keep your details completely confidential, and we’ll cover your question in one of our next videos.

If your question is urgent, you can call our pharmacy team on 01414180640 or visit one of our stores or your local pharmacy for immediate advice.

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