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Bayer is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Founded in 1863, Bayer has brought some revolutionary products to the world. Bayer created aspirin and also produced the first widely used antibiotic.

Today, they have a huge range of products available to buy.

Among the selection of Bayer products available from Rightdose are:

  • Lancets
  • Blood glucose test strips
  • Urinalysis strips

These are designed to make it quick and easy for you to monitor your health.

Using test strips

Using urinalysis strips is easy, and gives you a good indicator of overall health. If you have any ongoing health conditions, urinalysis can give insight into how effectively medicines are working.

Simply take a urine sample, and dip the end of the strip in. Within a few moments you will get a visual indicator of protein levels, which can show how effectively your kidneys are working.

Blood glucose strips measure the glucose in your blood. If you have diabetes, this will show how much insulin you need to take.

Simply obtain a drop of blood using a lancet and dap it on the test strip. In a few seconds, you will know your glucose levels.

Buying Bayer products from Rightdose

At Rightdose, we understand that you need to know about your overall health quickly and easily.

That’s why we offer next day delivery on Bayer products. These will be delivered direct to your door quickly, securly and discreetly.

You can then begin monitoring your health and make any changes needed

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