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Whether you’re using disposable or reusable nappies, one this is sure. Your baby will need their nappy changed a lot. In fact, newborn babies should be changed about 10 times a day. This helps to keep your baby’s developing skin healthy. It also gives you a chance to check for any changes in your baby’s skin.

As your baby’s skin changes and develops, you may notice some spots and blemishes. Most of these are nothing to worry about, and do not need any treatment. Of course, it is good to know about what could be affecting your baby’s skin, if only to reassure you.

Baby’s skin

Baby’s skin is developing all the time, which means a lot of changes take place. You may also notice:

  • Baby acne. This is a red, spotty rash usually on the face. It usually disappears within a few weeks.
  • Cutis marmorata. This will make the skin look pinkish-blue, especially when cold. It will go away over time.
  • Millia. These tiny white heads, also called milk spots, will also fade in time.

If you notice nappy rash when changing your baby, this will need to be treated. This causes red and sore skin around the nappy area. It can happen when your baby’s skin is particularly sensitive or has been in contact for a wet or dirty nappy for too long.

Barrier creams help to soothe to soothe the red, sore skin and also help to stop nappy rash from returning. Don’t feel bad if you notice your baby has nappy rash. It can develop no matter how quickly you change your baby.

Nappy accessories from Rightdose

At Rightdose, we aim to remove some of the stress from raising your baby. That’s why we supply a range of nappy rash creams and baby powders. These will help to keep your baby comfortable and soothe nappy rash if it does appear.

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