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It’s important you choose the right toiletries for your baby. After all, baby’s skin is very delicate. Using the wrong kinds of shampoo or wash could leave your baby’s skin dry and uncomfortable.

Your baby’s skin will also change as they grow. When they are newborn, their skin won’t yet have the balance of natural oils that help to keep the skin healthy. This is something that will develop over time. This means you need to choose toiletries that will support your baby’s changing skin, and also aren’t harsh on sensitive skin.

Using baby toiletries

You don’t need to give your baby a bath everyday. Bathing your baby around two or three times a week will be fine. Of course, if your baby has a nappy explosion (which will happen) or gets into some other mess, or just really likes the bath, there is no reason not to bathe them everyday.

Make sure your baby is happy and content, and hasn’t just been fed. Ensure the water is warm, but not hot. Aim for around 37°C.

Make sure your baby is supported while you wash their face and body. You’ll only need to use a little specially formulated body wash. Gently wash your baby’s hair using a gentle shampoo.

Once they are washed, pat your baby dry with a soft towel. Pay particular attention to the creases in their skin. Following a bath, you may want to practice baby massage, using specially formulated baby oil. This will help you bond with your baby and relax them ready for bed.

Baby toiletries from Rightdose

At Rightdose, we know that the first few months with your baby can be a stressful time. And we aim to reduce that stress. That is why we supply a wide range of specially formulated baby toiletries. These will encourage your baby to enjoy bath time, and keep their skin soft and healthy.

We are an online registered UK pharmacy. Our vision is to ensure you experience less stress when it comes to your health and enjoy more in life. Your personalised pharmacy, delivered.

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