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The Department of Health recommends that all children, from six months to five years old, have a daily vitamin supplement containing Vitamins A, C and D.

That is because children, especially if they are fussy eaters, may not get sufficient Vitamin A and C through food. It is also very difficult to get enough Vitamin D through food alone. Most Vitamin D is produced through exposure to direct sunlight. During the winter months, it may not be possible to get enough sun. You also don’t want to risk your child getting sunburned.

Vitamin supplements are the safest and most efficient method of ensuring your child gets enough of the vitamins they need to grow and develop.

Why are vitamins important?

Vitamins help the body grow and develop properly, so it's particularly important that children get the vitamins they need.

Vitamin A helps support the immune system. This means it is particularly important for children, whose immune systems are developing. It also helps keep the eyes and skin healthy.

Vitamin C also helps the immune system. It also makes it easier for the body to absorb iron, which helps keep blood healthy.

Vitamin D is important for bone development. It helps to regulate the amount of calcium in the body, keeping bones, teeth and muscles healthy. 

As children are growing and developing, these vitamins are particularly important for them.

Children’s vitamins from Rightdose

At Rightdose, we supply a range of vitamin supplements, suitable from birth onwards. Drops may be added to your babies milk, allowing them to absorb nutrients more easily. As your baby grows they may move onto drops taken directly or soluble vitamin tablets.

At Rightdose, we aim to help your child grow and develop. We are an online registered UK pharmacy. Our vision is to ensure you experience less stress when it comes to your health and enjoy more in life. Your personalised pharmacy, delivered.

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