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Ashton & Parsons have been manufacturing herbal teething powder for over 150 years. 

Now part of Alliance Pharmaceuticals, the machinery used may be modern and the manufacturing processes more efficient, but Ashton & Parsons use the same ingredients in their teething powder and gels that they always have.

Teething can be a difficult time. Your baby may not settle, they may be grumpy throughout the day. And they may bite anything they can get their hands on.

That is why teething relief is so important. Ashton & Parsons award-winning teething relievers have been trusted by generations, thanks to the natural herbal ingredients and the gentle relief they give.

Using Ashton & Parsons products

Ashton & Parsons teething gel is used the same way as any other teething gel. Using either a clean finger tip or the applicator included, gently rub a small amount of gel into the affected area.

This will offer direct relief to the pain and swelling of teething.

Teething powder should be applied to the front of your baby’s tongue, while they are sitting up. Apply a little at a time, allowing the powder to dissolve fully. This will also help sore gums feel better.

Alternatives to Ashton & Parsons

At Rightdose, we believe you should have a choice when it comes to your and your baby’s health. That is why we supply a wide range of teething products, including:

  • Bonjela teething gel
  • Anbesol teething liquid

Every baby is unique, so you may find your baby doesn’t respond to one type of teething gel, but does to another.

We are here to give the choice about the teething relief that is right for you.

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