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Piles can be painful, itchy and embarrassing.

At Rightdose, we understand you will want treatment that is fast, effective and discreet. That is why we supply a range of Anusol products.

Anusol is a leading brand of piles treatments. The range available from Rightdose includes ointment which can be used internally or externally, and suppositories which can be used to treat internal piles, anal fissures and the itching they cause.

Anusol products offer fast and effective relief, whichever application method is used.

Using Anusol products

With any medication it is important you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

Anusol ointment should be applied to the affected area in the morning and at night, and after every bowel movement. This can be applied externally or, using the nozzle, internally. The nozzle should be cleaned after every application.

This will shrink piles and give relief to the pain and itching they cause.

Suppositories should also be used morning and night, as well as after each bowel movement. These help to shrink internal piles and soothe itching.

About Rightdose

Rightdose is a UK-registered online pharmacy, supplying a wide range of medicines and products from leading manufacturers.

We believe no one should suffer through embarrassment. That is why we supply a range of Anusol products that can be delivered discreetly directly to your door.

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