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AAA is one of the many brands of throat sprays supplied by Rightdose.

Like other throat sprays, it’s designed to directly target sore throats, by coating the throat in a single spray.

This provides fast and effective relief to the pain associated with throat infections or colds.

While you may consider taking painkillers to soothe a sore throat, throat sprays may prove to be more effective. The spray is applied directly to the area, providing instant relief. It doesn’t need to be processed by the body in the same way oral tablets do.

Also, if you have a swollen or very sore throat, swallowing may be uncomfortable. In this case, throat sprays are a sensible option.

About AAA

AAA throat spray contains benzocaine, which helps to fight pain in the throat, whether this is caused by the cold or a throat infection.

In fact, it’s the strongest benzocaine-based throat spray available, making it the ideal choice if other throat sprays haven’t helped in the past.

The throat spray works for around 3 hours, effectively fighting pain from dose to dose.

About Rightdose

At Rightdose, we believe choice is key when you are managing your health. That’s why we supply medicines in many different forms, from many manufacturers.

Whether you want to fight pain with pills, sprays, cooling gels or strips, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need with Rightdose. After all, no one knows what works for you, better than you.

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